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International Sources

  1. The BackBeat Resources team has experience in what countries?

    Steve has experience in quality assurance, sourcing, customs and shipping in the following countries:  Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Nicaragua, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama and the United States.

    Marilyn is experienced connecting family members primarily in the United States but can refer clients to adoption searchers in other countries.  She also maintains a list of those willing to translate documents into other languages besides English.

  2. What if my adoption was completed in another country?

    The resources at is a great place to start on your journey.  If you need to search in a country and don't speak the language there, we can recommend helpful people sensitive to adoption issues who are bilingual.

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Post Adoption Services

  1. Does BackBeat Resources facilitate adoptions?

    No, our work is only with post adoption issues.  Generally search and support groups welcome people contemplating adoption and try to educate them on realistic expectations.  We do not do home studies but we can refer clients to social workers and therapists trained specically in adoption issues.

  2. How can I find an adoption support group?

    Please visit the home page of Marilyn's NE Kansas adoption support group, for information.  National and international groups are listed at 

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